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Kip Candle Co. X Tankten

Holiday Duo £45.

ALPINE x NIGHTCAP Tankten concrete pot & SPICED ORANGE x FRESH SHEETS Tankten concrete pot.

The Candles:

ALPINE: Peppermint // Eucalyptus // Pine

Alpine was dreamt up whilst hiking in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York. The blue Pine trees give off the strong scent of Pine and Eucalyptus, the air is so fresh and cold it almost takes your breath away.

Clean and restorative, think fresh mountain air and snow on the ground.

Hiking boots and hot coffee.

125g // single cotton wick

SPICED ORANGE: Orange // Clove // Nutmeg

The smell of home through autumn and winter.

With a chill in the air outside, Spiced Orange is hurrying home to marmalade being made on the stove, picking the last of the season’s fruit to preserve.

The smell of twine, present wrapping and mulled wine by the glow of the fire.

125g // single cotton wick

The Pots:

Tankten pots are hand made in London using a specialist blend of concrete. Each pot is coloured using pigments and hand polished which results in a soft focus, matte finish.

NIGHTCAP is their signature black pot.

When your candle is finished you are left with two beautiful 8cm pots which you can use for your favourite houseplants, as a desk tidy, to store make up brushes or other little trinkets.