Alpine Mini Traveller

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"A Scent Like No Other

Just wow. When you open this candle, you are hit with the gorgeous fresh scent of peppermint, which mellows out to reveal lovely eucalyptus and pine undertones - something I have never experienced in a candle before. You could even burn this in the mornings as a refreshing wake up call; I can think of no better smell to wake up to!" Ellie K.

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Alpine Mini Traveller

Peppermint // Eucalyptus // Pine

Alpine was dreamt up whilst hiking in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York. The blue Pine trees give off the strong scent of Pine and Eucalyptus, the air is so fresh and cold it almost takes your breath away.

Clean and restorative, think fresh mountain air and snow on the ground.

Hiking boots and hot coffee.

3oz // 20hr // single cotton wick